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Security Video Systems in San Antonio, TX

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems protect your investment, reduce liability, and increase employee productivity. As a San Antonio business owner or property manager, you can’t be in two places at once, and that’s why a video surveillance system from Security Technology of South Texas, Inc. is smart for your business. It can help protect and guard your workplace, your property, and your employees. Let us be your virtual after-hours security guard. Our video-monitoring center will take your security procedures to the next level with our 24-hour “live operator” video monitoring service.

Employee Surveillance Benefits

Employee video surveillance increases:
  • Safety: Your employees’ protection is paramount. With a video surveillance system, you’ll be able to monitor activity in and around work areas, providing your staff with security.
  • Productivity: Employees who know that they’re being monitored by video are more likely to be productive throughout the workday. It also reduces problems with workplace theft.
Property Surveillance Benefits
  • When your property is monitored, you can “deter and detect” theft problems that can come from both inside and outside of your business, office, or property.
  • You can also mitigate liability against risk with this kind of security system. A closely supervised workplace is insurance against the issues that can plague a business, regardless of industry or location.
Ease of Use By Employing Quality Video Feed

Our video systems are designed so that anyone – no matter the level of technology they feel comfortable with – can monitor their video feed at any hour of the day.
  • Watch your digital video feed from your smart phone, tablet or PC—anytime and anywhere!
  • Our remote cameras are high definition and high megapixel, allowing you to log in, zoom in on the video feed and view sharp, high resolution images remotely. When you can’t be at your business physically, you can still view everything that is happening.
Additional Features of Video Surveillance

Let Security Technology of South Texas be your virtual after-hours security guard. Our video-monitoring center will take your security procedures to the next level with 24-hour video monitoring and two-way audio communication abilities. Because our services are network- and cloud-based, the cost of equipment is greatly reduced.

Live Video Monitoring 

Security Technology of South Texas provides local, live video monitoring services, including the following:

Enhanced video monitoring services
  • Reduce false alarms and can quickly dispatch police if needed – Operators in our 24/7 central monitoring facility can immediately view high resolution images taken from our video camera system and determine if there is a threat to your employees or your facility.
  • Two-way “voice down” feature – We can then make an announcement through a speaker located in the camera to challenge the possible intruder.
  • Remotely control devices – We can activate a strobe, siren or – for authorized employees wishing to enter your facility after hours – we can open a door or a gate. But if trouble is detected, we will notify the police with a “burglars in action” call in order to receive the fastest possible response.
Video cameras detect approaching vehicles and notify our monitoring center of any activity at the gate:
Driver pushes Intercom Call Button and establishes immediate two-way voice communication with our operators.
Operators perform pre-determined security check and allow or deny entry.
After approved entry is granted, operator sends command to gate to open and creates online report of transaction.
Weekly gate activity reports are provided to the customer.
Remote access to live and recorded video as well as gate entry transactions are available to the customer via a secure Internet portal. 
Virtual Gate Guard

Remote Facility Monitoring 

This type of system is great for businesses who have a gated facility or fenced equipment storage, yard, or property and needs monitoring 24/7, but don’t want to pay the high cost of a guard service. Virtual Gate Guard and Facility Video Monitoring are affordable solutions for providing live video monitoring of your facility, as well as providing controlled access at specific entry points to your site using our Video Monitoring Center with 24/7 live security personnel. 
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